Etestsystem / Examwala is an electronic test system designed for individuals,educational institutes,business organizations and their candidates.You can take exams on a daily / weekly basis and analyse the best way to learn, practice what you learnt. Teachers will be able to create examinations by composing a set of questions.The questions can be multiple choice questions or single(text)answer question.Once logged in, candidates will be able to see the examinations due
and can take the examination.

Yes, we take your data and privacy seriously. All the data that you add is private to your account only.

Yes, you can change your plan anytime.

You can enter multiple choice questions. Questions can be added subjectwise or topicwise.

User can compare their performance through different reports like time taken on each questions or the questionwise solution.

Yes, you can set the date and time for a exam.

Yes, you can analyze the exam results and view the reports.

You can activate free trial account from etesystem.com. Click on add plans option and enter few basic details for creation of your account.